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Back to Classics Portrait Event | Spring Break March 12th and 13th

We’re “backing up” next week during Spring Break here at the studio! That’s right, we’re doing it old school. Many years ago I visited a southern plantation museum where amazing portraits were on display of the mansion owner’s children. I was taken with how beautiful the portraits were, and in awe that they were on display 135 years after they were created. The children featured in the paintings were in classic clothing and age had muted the color. They weren’t smiling either, but the hint of expression made me believe that they were happy, perhaps even loving people.

I have this portrait of my little brother, Cole, hanging in my office. I love how the timeless beauty of it commemorates his 8th birthday.

During Spring Break next week we’re creating classic portraits of children at a greatly discounted rate! Join me for my “Back To Classics” Children’s event March 12th and 13th, 2014 where I’ll be photographing children in formal clothing using classic techniques in the studio. I’d really like to see you there!

Each $98 (Reg. $225) session includes a 5×7 signed portrait, however space is limited! Call today for details and availability! 371-9210

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