New Children’s Special Just Announced for March 28th-Just In Time For Easter!

Our Easter special with live chicks is now available on the estore! We will be photographing children with baby chicks on March 28, 2015 in the studio and gardens here in Amarillo, TX. Your $98 creation fee applies entirely to your portrait order. Plus we you’ll receive special packages to choose from and 30% off [...]

Are Eyes Enough?

What if you had in your possession a photograph that truly captured the personality of your child? What if the super hero dreams, the beautiful flowy dress dances and the whimsical world view of childhood was captured without the overstatement of distracting props? Once a year we throw out the props for one day. The [...]

A Beatuiful Portrait In The Fall Foliage

Its not every year that we have such beautiful foliage in Amarillo, Texas for family portraits. Some years it freezes one day and the next day the wind blows and drops all of the leaves. But the Indian Summer that we experienced this year was just long enough to change the trees to a golden [...]

Autumn Light Children’s Day Event

We had a wonderful time working with children last week for our Autumn Light children’s day event. The weather cooperated beautifully! Here are a few of the photographs from one session. Aren’t they cute?  

Back to Classics Portrait Event | Spring Break March 12th and 13th

We’re “backing up” next week during Spring Break here at the studio! That’s right, we’re doing it old school. Many years ago I visited a southern plantation museum where amazing portraits were on display of the mansion owner’s children. I was taken with how beautiful the portraits were, and in awe that they were on [...]