Valentine’s Day: A Fun Day To Build Your Relationship

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You may be excited about a new relationship or that your kids are getting old enough to make the day fun! Or you may be frustrated because its just another day to spend unnecessary money out of your budget on junk that will be thrown away in a couple of months. [...]

Mountain Mist :: Landscape Photography

I captured this photograph at 11,000 feet above sea level last week on the Conejos River in Southern Colorado. It was beautiful to see the early morning mist floating just out of reach in the cool mountain air. I rarely take my camera and tripod on fly fishing excursions, but I was thrilled I had [...]

5717 Tawney For Sale

Cassy and I have lived at the same address for 10 years! We love our home, but we’re super excited to have recently moved. We’re selling our home in Olsen now. Here’s a fun collage of 5717 Tawney. You can read more & see more photos at 

Nick + Jennie :: Engaged

I’m so happy for my brother, Nick and his fiance, Jennie! They are engaged and their wedding date is fast approaching! It was an honor to photograph their engagement and create some memories for them in Dallas a few days ago. You guys are great and you look so happy! Love you both!     [...]

State of the Photography Union :: Advice For New Photographers

Here’s an email I recently received from a photography student named Jessica. She’s a student at Amarillo College, the same place I went to school for photography. Amarillo College is a great school and they have a wonderful photography program. This isn’t really about the entire state of the photography industry. That was just one [...]