Using a split approach to photography combining portraiture with photojournalism, two very different albums are created. One album is a family heirloom book filled with pages of you and your loved ones and typically includes the family, close friends and wedding party. The second album is an uninterrupted photo essay of your wedding day.

Using proprietary software designed by Davy and Josh Knapp the albums are designed page by page with care and detail in layouts using Hollywood-style “storyboarding” techniques. Albums are then placed online for a complete previsualization experience. Editing by the bride and groom is then done before the real album is produced.

See a two volume sample ***Click Here***

Using premium glove leather covered albums and traditional bookbinding techniques album covers are billed at the rate of $395 each. Album pages are billed at $75 per page. Additional “mini” album copies of the bride and groom’s album can be duplicated at a greatly reduced rate for parents.

Read more about Storyboarding here:

8×8 Album Duplicate 40% Off ($45 per page)
5×5 Album Duplicate 60% Off ($30 per page)