I’ve Never Been Great With A Tripod

Canon A2 85mm 1.2 Fuji 400h at Handheld

The tools that you choose to use influence your work greatly. From the camera whether it be digital or film, to the lens you choose whether it be normal, wide or telephoto to the words you use to communicate with your clients, the tools you choose influence your work.

I’ve never been great with a tripod. There, I said it. I’ve spent a decent amount of money on tripods over the years. I have attended the workshops where the instructor says, “if you want your work to be better, use a tripod.” Its not that I’m against tripods. A tripod is a tool. Just like a screwdriver or a hammer. Just like an artist might use a brush or might work on a table or an easel. I have attempted to master the use of this tool and with regard to photography of people, I just don’t like the result I get when my camera is tied down to one spot.

I’ve always preferred to work with faster lenses, lighter camera bodies and faster film speeds. People move and interact. I love that about photography. I love the motion. I love the anticipation of where the next photograph might be. So if there was a college class on tripod, I would probably fail. But I’m ok with that-life happens on the fly!