August Is “Father’s Pride Month” (And We’re Starting A Little Early)

“Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” – Anne Geddes A Father is someone special. He works to provide for his family. He toils all day against great odds to create a life better than the one he knew as a child. When he is not working, [...]

I Wrote This Poem This Morning

´╗┐As the water softly laps on the sand I reach for your heart as I reach for your hand The beauty of summer reaches it’s height I think of our first date, that wonderful night A few years down the road we’re still side by side You’d stand next to me and become my bride [...]

Check This Out… Only 11 More Days To Sign Up For Portraits On The Beach

Photograph of the Day

Meet Drew and Dru. They are a fun couple that I got to photograph earlier in the summer. We spent two different days creating a series of portraits that would document their engagement. It was a total blast! They are getting married later this year, so be sure to leave them some well wishes!

Congratulations David + Ashley On Their Amarillo Wedding

Just finished David and Ashley’s wedding-what a beautiful wedding! They are the most in love couple! The ceremony was so beautiful and gentle-only family attended. I felt honored to be there. They Meyer’s home was the perfect quiet location. Tony, the minister, did such a great job that his words brought tears to almost everyone’s [...]