I Love North Face Ski Gear

I remember skiing as a kid and always being freezing cold. Of course, as a kid, it would have been ridiculous for my parents to have spent a crazy amount of money on ski clothes that I would outgrow in one season. But in college, I kind of went crazy. I skied up to 30 [...]

Teela + Marty

I’m really looking forward to Teela and Marty’s wedding this month. They are a such a great couple! We had a ton of fun at the engagement session. I knew after just a few minutes that we were going to have a great time. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Teela and her family through [...]

Cami + David

Cami and David are getting married later this year. They have a really cool story. They met while they were both lifeguards at a local gym. Its a unique part of their history, so we thought it might be fun to include a little piece of their story in their engagement session–I had so much [...]


Fun and skiing in Taos New Mexico! We’re here for R & R for a week. After the amazing Christmas season we just completed, Cassy and I are ready to relax. So we rented a house and took a week off.  It just started snowing so we’re off to the slopes.

Welcome To My New Website!

Forgive me, I haven’t got much up here yet! It has been such a busy time for my Photography business. I’m super excited about this new website though! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. You can also visit my portfolio by clicking on the portfolio link above.